Mail Direct 2.6
Date: Apr 7, 2007
Size: 1.11MB
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Mail Direct Pro 2.6
Date: Apr 7, 2007
Size: 1.12MB
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Mady MTA Service 2.3
Date: Dec 25, 2006
Size: 1.72MB
NOTE: the default password for admin user is “admin”.
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Shareware Assistant 1.5
Date: Dec 5, 2005
Size: 3.56MB
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Language files for Mail Direct

Download the language file and save it to the language directory of Mail Direct. The default directory is “C:Program FilesMail Directlanguage”. Then restart Mail Direct, and you’ll see the new language in the Language Menu.

Language Author
Chinese Simplified Kii Ali
Chinese Traditional Kii Ali
Danish Ole Rasmussen,Flemming Andreassen
Dutch Ewout Stoffers
French Laurent Pierroz,Michel Comte(
German Thomas Thieme
Italian Claudio Bondavalli
Portuguese(Brazil) Wagner Volanin Bicalho,John Mathiason(
Spanish vicente m tuñas leis,TRON WARE S.L. (

You don’t see your language on the language list? It’s easy for anyone to translate the Mail Direct language file. Please see the Translation Section for details.

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