Mady MTA Service

Mady MTA Service is a small SMTP server for a small group of users. It’s small, stable and fast. It can use in a small LAN or home network and provide mail deliver service for a small group of users. It works in system service mode and can be installed on the server computer. All other user need set the outgoing mail server to the server computer to use the SMTP server. It has features on access control and reject unknown connections. It’s security to use MadyMTA in LAN.

Mady MTA Service has a remote manager program that you can use it manage the server on remote PC, include mail, user and log management.
NOTE: the default password for admin user is “admin”.

Mady MTA Service requires Windows 2000/XP or higher version, and IE 5.5 or higher version. It has a mail capacity up to 20,000 mails, and it’s enough for small groups or LAN.

What’s New in version 2.3?

  • Improved Mady MTA Manager.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
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